Attentive customer service is what sets Le Shin apart from other companies. Give customers what they need and a little more service to let them know you value them. No matter what we do, we focus on integrity,
quality, price, and coordination, and we must ensure that our customers are satisfied.



a. Guarding life is more comfortable--healthy feet, good mobility, enjoy the beauty of the world!
b. Sharing the beauty of the world--healthy feet, bringing action, guarding life more freely! 

The LOGO design is mainly expressed in Monotype Corsiva fonts, with slightly italic font characteristics showing positive and motivating characteristics, conveying Le Shin's "prosperous development" and "connecting with customers" concern and interaction. At the same time, it conveys the relationship of "establishing integrity" and "long-term cooperation" so that customers can achieve a "win-win" situation.  

The "I" letter has a wing-like pattern, expressing the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation-conveying zero defects in products and competitive quality. Established an international brand of Taiwan textile products.

As a pioneer in medical equipment, we are always committed to a win-win situation, so we have established a strong relationship with our customers. Selective product corresponding technology, therefore, we use MERZ circular knitting machines from Germany and LONATI from Italy for advanced applications. All these methods are built to fulfill our commitment to quality assurance. Quality is our promise. We believe in quality for satisfying customer scale.
Le Shin is committed to applying innovative materials and designing and developing high-quality products that have both efficacy, high comfort and fashion. Warmth and sincere service are our highest principles. As an OEM & ODM manufacturer and exporter, we have a high degree of integrity to protect our customers' business information.
Le Shin offers competitive prices, high quality and fast shipping. If you have any other questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.