Quality Control

According to the research - in average, 1/5 male and 1/4 female may have to face the problem of embolism with legs.

To maintain the quality of daily life for your family, you may have to work hard all the time and ignore to care the most important parts of body - the legs. For your leg, physicians would recommend you wear compression stockings every day, and Youleg will be your intellignet choice because


- The compression stockings were developed by experise and doctors.

- Designed and made in Taiwan under serious quality management.

- Highly recommenended by doctors and real wearers.

- Approved by quality certificates, includes ISO09001, ISO13485, CE, FDA.

Moreover, Youleg earns the award of “The Best Brand in Taiwan” which indicates the quality and service reach high standard, with the guarantee you and your family can count on for every day life and say goodbye to latching egs, swelling, and other leg problems.

  • Equipment

    Our product uses high-quality knitting machines like German MERZ and Italy LONATI to provide outstanding medical stockings, graduated compression socks and compression sleeves.

    - MERZ circular knitting machine - 400N

    - LONATI circular knitting machine - 400N

    - LONATI circular knitting machine - 200N

  • Salzmann Medical Compression Tester

    Salzmann machine model (professional medical testing machine) for accurate and in-depth research on correct compression. By inserting accurate leg size measurements (various lengths and circles), you can receive the results of applying pressure at different points. In this way, a precise form of compression on a precise leg can be guaranteed.


    'Lady Electric Stretch Tester' verifies the length and the width measures for the size control of hoses, panty hoses, knee high in nylon, microfiber, Lycia, for both the knitting and quality control.

  • Bolam CMD-100 Compression Tester

    Basic procedure for donning and testing the compression levels of a garment using the CMD-100 Compression Measurement Test System.

Youleg® medical compression
stockings were PRODUCED by:

- MERZ circular knitting machine - 400N

- LONATI circular knitting machine - 400N

- LONATI circular knitting machine - 200N

Youleg® medical compression
stockings were TESTED by:

- CETME Stretch Test


- Salzmann Medical Compression Tester


- Bolam CMD-100 Compression Tester

International quality certification
In order to connect with the international market, we also applied for the US FDA and European CE certification in the early stage. So get the support of international users.
Pressure test equipment
Imported SAG elastic socks pressure testing machine from Switzerland, can perform pressure detection for various important parts, to ensure that the product meets the characteristics of "gradual pressure". With a progressive pressure design, it is a good elastic socks.
Use imported materials
Select spandex and polyamide from internationally renowned brands to ensure that the quality meets the expectations of international users.
In addition, we also cooperate with academic institutions to jointly develop advanced fiber materials, create product differentiation, innovate, Creativity is the purpose of our own brand.
Humanized design
We are convinced that "innovation always comes from demand", and demand is a sign of human nature. In order to improve customer satisfaction, We use hand sewing for places that other brands tend to overlook, such as toes, ankles, and heels. Ensure the comfort of each pair of elastic socks, even if worn all day.